Thursday, January 13, 2011

Netflix + Ice Storm

Netflix has streaming movies & tv shows - this is wonderful, as long as you don't like good movies or recent TV shows. Finished the first season of Califonication - hunkered down in front of the TV to start Season 2 & What the Sam Hill - it was NO LONGER AVAILABLE in streaming. UGH! So, after an hour of searching through all the titles, debating (Chris said no comedy, I wanted a Thriller), grunting, napping (that would be me) we finally settled on Alice In Wonderland. I was quickly greeted with my own version of Wonderland as the movie was a real snoozer.

For tonight - we are in luck as the roads were clear enough for the Postman to deliver our delight of the night:
Not in Blu-Ray - but hey, we'll take it. Cheers!


  1. Tadd says I should call Netflix and complain that they had removed Californication.... thats Tadd for ya...nice blog Bridgeopotomus!!!

  2. yay!!! now can I not only facebook stalk you... I can blog stalk you too!!!

  3. You'll have to give us a critique of Rules of Attraction